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About Jim

Experience, Education, and Professionalism

When voters go to the polls this year, they will cast their vote for Mayor and up to four Council members. Many deciding factors go into each voter’s choice and the candidates will be measured to determine who is best suited for this role as their representation on Council. We believe that Jim Hart is a solid option for one of your votes in 2021. We need to retain Jim due to his vast real-world experience, professionalism, and level headed approach to any situation.

Jim was born in Westland and has been a part of the community for a long time. Service to country and community runs in his blood. As a certified Member of the Sons of the American Revolution, Jim can trace his lineage back to one of his ancestors who was an immigrant and fought in the American Revolution. This family legacy is part of the Hart history and Jim himself served a total of 15 years with the United States Army as a Non-Commissioned Officer. After leaving the service, Jim continued to serve in local civic groups and eventually as the President of the Westland Area Jaycees in 2015 and then as the Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Commerce in 2016. In his most recent civic activity, Jim is the Sr Vice Chair of the BOVA Post 9885 VFW in Westland, where he is also a Life Member.

In his professional life, Jim is a well-recognized and respected member of the Telecommunications industry. Jim has served in various roles with progressive leadership abilities. Jim’s extensive background in RF Engineering, systems design, and business development has earned him a solid reputation and has been a panelist at national trade shows as well as being covered multiple times in Crain’s Business News. Currently, Jim is working at Verizon Wireless as a part of the Business Development team focusing on Real Estate and transitioning part time in the Engineering department to solve complex network design and development opportunities.

Jim lives with his wife Linda, and his three children, Richard, Samantha, and Michael right here in Westland. Jim owns his own home and pays property taxes. While there is no requirement to be a homeowner in the city to be elected, Jim believes that as a legislator, you should not be insulated from your decisions when it involves taxes. You need to have some skin in the game. Jim has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and Jim just completed his Masters of Information Systems from the College of Business at the University of Michigan – Dearborn. Jim is also a registered project manager with a PMP Certification.

You need people with experience and education to properly represent the city on the council. Having experience and an education go hand in hand with being able to build consensus and work well with others. We believe you need to check all those boxes in order to be a good candidate. Please join the team in supporting Jim in his Re-election in 2021. His ability to lead the council and serve as Council President during COVID are a shining example of what professionalism really looks like.

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